Travel virtually to the
most beautiful places on this planet

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Travel to the most beautiful places on this planet

Go somewhere awesome on every browser Tab

Bars with A view

You are holding your favorite drink while gazing upon the stunning natural views. It’s worth every moment. You deserve it!

Restaurants with A view

Just taking a break from work, enjoying your holidays or trying to impress your date, dining with a beautiful view is always the best decision.

Pools with A view

There is nothing more relaxing than dipping your soul in an infinity pool with a never-ending view.

Hotels with A view

Wanna wake up to the chirping sounds of birds & a soul touching beautiful view from your hotel room.

Open a window located somewhere else in the world

Videos with ambience sound let you experience the life of someone else

Discover the world’s most beautiful places with A view

Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Airbnbs, Spots with a view

Virtually walk around the beautiful places

Use 'Virtual tour' option to explore the area around

Fly virtually over any spot on this planet

Try 'Drone view' to fly over the spot from any perspective of your choice

Live flight prices & handy Visa info

Know instantly if you need a visa and always get the cheapest fligh prices from your nearest airport

Realtime Covid-19 info for every spot

Instant access to covid information for all the places your discover

Create travel list for post corona plans

Save favorite spots to your travel list for post corona travel plans in your profile section